Preserving History

A Building For The Future

Honor Point Military & Aerospace Museum is home to a remarkable collection of stories representing generations of Inland Northwest service people.  Help us build a place where personal stories come alive in interactive exhibits representing aviation and military science.


Building Community.
Serving Country.

Honor Point celebrates the dedication, hard work and sacrifice by veterans of all services who have provided the vision, leadership and infrastructure for the Inland Northwest and our citizens.

Honor Point shows the advances in the region’s robust civil aviation industry that supplies the increasing need for aerospace technology which is a major contributor to our economic and educational opportunities.

Honor Point embraces our community's enrichment from the cultural and educational diversity that people brought to Spokane during their service, and in many cases brought back when they returned.

Honor Point salutes the military and civilian leadership and wisdom that helped the daily lives of our families who understand the sacrifices veterans have made.

Building Community, Serving Country: the heart of Honor Point Military & Aerospace Museum.


6095 E Rutter Ave Spokane, WA 99212

Hangar Bay 3

Felts Field Flight Center

Museum is open Thursday-Sunday 10:00am-2:00pm