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Honor Point Military & Aerospace Museum is home to a remarkable collection of stories representing generations of Inland Northwest service people.  Personal stories come alive in interactive exhibits representing aviation and military science.


With heavy hearts:

After over twenty years in development and over two years in operation, we have reached a point here at Honor Point in which we can no longer financially sustain our operation. This comes after many successful events, many excellent civic presentations, and many pursuits for supportive sponsorships. The overhead for our operation is simply too high.

It truly saddens me to report this to you for the mission of Honor Point has become my passion. Literally thousands of unselfish hours have been dedicated to our venture by our volunteers; literally thousands of veterans have been heartened by our proud displays.

Like a fallen soldier, we must now honor our museum at its demise by attending to its closure. We can, I believe, provide true respect for displays by caring for them in finding new homes or proper storage.

The museum will remain open until June 30, after which our volunteer team will begin the task of properly caring for and packing the precious artifacts of the museum.


Elliott Briggs
Honor Point Military and Aerospace Museum

Building Community.
Serving Country.

Honor Point celebrates the dedication, hard work and sacrifices of our veterans of all services; providing vision, leadership, and infrastructure for the Inland Northwest and our citizens.

Honor Point shows the advances in the region’s robust civil and military aviation industry; a major contributor to our economic growth and strength.

Honor Point embraces our community's enrichment from the cultural and educational diversity people brought to Spokane during their service, and in many cases brought back when they returned.

Preserving our past for the future, building community, and honoring those who have served and are currently serving our Country.












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