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Honor Point Military & Aerospace Museum is home to a remarkable collection of stories representing generations of Inland Northwest service people.  Personal stories come alive in interactive exhibits representing aviation and military science.


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Honor Point Board of Directors are searching for a new Museum location,

as well as financial support to carry the Museum's mission into the future.

 If you know of an existing building or building site that be suitable for a museum, please let us know!  If you're able to help us financially please click on the Donate Button and contribute.

Honor Point Military and Aerospace Museum is currently closed

while searching for a new location.



We need your help to fulfill our mission, “Preserving a Living History to Educate for a Better Future Through Discovery of the Past.”

In August 2018, we lost our lease after two years at Felts Field. We are now in search of a new location. In our time at Felts Field, we had a proven record of income from visitors, gift shop sales, hosting unique events, and donations. On reflection, we have decided that purchasing a building would best serve our mission, allow us to manage our expenses, and be self-supporting. We envision a new venue that will celebrate over ten thousand precious artifacts spanning a proud local military history from 1897 to the present.

Our goal of $1.5 Million will provide the support we need to purchase land, build to suit our needs and allow us to hire a modest professional staff, recreate and expand our exhibits and showcase our community’s appreciation for its military and aerospace history.

Please click the Donate button and contribute to our Capital Campaign. 



Building Community.
Serving Country.

Honor Point celebrates the dedication, hard work and sacrifices of our veterans of all services; providing vision, leadership, and infrastructure for the Inland Northwest and our citizens.

Honor Point shows the advances in the region’s robust civil and military aviation industry; a major contributor to our economic growth and strength.

Honor Point embraces our community's enrichment from the cultural and educational diversity people brought to Spokane during their service, and in many cases brought back when they returned.

Preserving our past for the future, building community, and honoring those who have served and are currently serving our Country.




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6095 E Rutter Ave Spokane, WA 99212

Felts Field Flight Center

Museum is open